Please Accept Our Apology

To the fans and drivers who were in attendance last night, I would like to personally apologize for the track conditions during the heat races. I am sorry and embarrassed as this is certainly not a normal occurrence. Unfortunately, I made an error in the timing of pre-race watering.  I was attempting to accommodate requests concerning track packing, practice time, and the track surface, and while my intentions were good, the result was not. I take full responsibility for that.  A few people have questioned why I didn’t bring the water truck out before the end of the heats.  At that point the sun was still high, and by putting water down and then racing while the sun was still baking on it, it would have gone right back to the same dry condition in a matter of laps. The best solution to ensure a lasting good surface was to wait until our normal “sun break” and get the water on as the sun was setting.  This gave the water a chance to soak in and not burn off as we packed it in.  As much as I would like, I cannot guarantee there will never be another dusty track, but I can guarantee that I will do my best to prevent it and learn from this mistake.  Again, I am truly sorry for the unpleasant start of the event. 

Sincerely,  Dave Weisz



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