July 20, 2012

Gallatin Speedway was ready to entertain the crowds with Wissota main event racing action, and first up was the Super Stocks.  Matt Gray was starting on the pole position absolutely determined to run well after a snake-bitten season.  On the green flag the race for the lead was three wide between Cal “Rockin Chair” Rossner, Matt Gray, and David Hyde. Matt Gray was too strong right then and took the lead.  Ty Clemens rocketed to the second position, and tried to catch Matt Gray. From the sixth starting position Carmi Wells used the high line to fly around everyone and take the lead.  Wells had stretched his lead to nearly a full straightaway when the caution flag came out.  Under the caution some extra-curricular activities took place, and the crowd went absolutely crazy! screaming and yelling could be heard well of the motors of the cars on track.  When the green flag came out Ty Clemens challenged Carmi Wells low multiple times but Wells was really strong on the high line.  Just as the lead race could get no better Cal Rossner and Jeremy Meirhofer made the lead battle four wide, and Ty Clemens came out on top with only a handful of laps remaining.  The white flag was waving and Ty Clemens only had to maintain the lead.  Ty Clemens crossed the finish line first for the first time in 2012, with Cal Rossner in second.  Jeremy Meirhofer ran third, and Matt Gray ran a very strong fourth after leading earlier, and Kevin Scott rounded out the top 5.

                Wissota Modified racing action was next up, and Tony Steward was starting on pole position with Sean Mc Bee to his outside.  The green flag waved and Shane Lembcke made the lead battle three wide, but Sean Mc Bee came away with the lead.  Chad Johnson started the race from the fifth position and immediately snuck under Mc Bee for the lead.  Laps clicked off and perhaps one of the strangest things that has happened all year took place.  First Emory Wells right rear tire exploded and completely obliterated the right side of his car, also a transmission came out of a different modified, and dichotomized the right front of Dale Neitzel’s car.  Both drivers made their way back out after their crews did a great job changing the tires.  The green flag waved again and Mc Bee and Steward raced hard for the third position, Paul Leach saw that and he wanted to have some fun too, and made the third place battle three wide.  The white flag was in the air and Erin Shane was literally inches off of Chad Johnson’s car but Johnson was too strong and took the victory at Gallatin Speedway! Erin Shane ran in the second position, Jeremy Meirhofer ran third, Sean Mc Bee fourth and Paul Leach rounded out the top five. 
                Wissota Late Models were next up and Chris Dunn started on the pole, and when the green flag dropped, it was clear that Kelly Hample had the car to beat.  Kelly Hample took the lead just a couple laps into it, and tried to run away from the field,  Rock Degele made his way to the second position and challenged Kelly Hample for the lead but Hample was too strong.  Dave Smith snuck around Degele  for the second position and ran right up to the back of the “Green Machine” of Hample.  The top three drivers were all right on each other’s bumpers,  The race flew by and before anyone knew it, the white flag was in the air.  Across the checkered flag Kelly Hample won for the first time in 2012 at the Gallatin Speedway.  Dave Smith ran second, Jody Kropp third, Rock Degele ran fourth.
`Wissota Street Stocks were running last this evening and Cory Craver started on the pole , The green flag waved and Cody Ryan took the lead with authority, and Lyle Imberi challenged craver for the second position on the high line.  The race for second quickly became three wide as Ron Imberi tried sneaking through, and succeeded.  Dwayne Fowler started in the eighth position and used the high line to slice and dice his way to the second spot.  Fowler challenged Cody Ryan for the lead and nabbed it away.  It was very evident that Fowler was the man to beat tonight, he looked smooth and his lead just kept growing and growing to insurmountable amounts.  The race for second was between Donovan Sorenson and Kenneth Hunter, but with the checkered flag in the air Dwayne Fowler would win for the second weekend in a row, and Donovan Sorenson used the crossover to best Kenneth Hunter for the second position, Nick Hunter ran fourth and Brian Barnhardt rounded out the top five. 
Dru Brown


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