Girls Night Out

Gallatin Speedway was prepping for ladies night, and the stands were packed.  The sun had been beating down on the track all week with near triple digits, and it was time for some racing.  The underlying story lines were everywhere. Could Kevin Scott win three races in a row? Can anyone stop Beau Brown’s domination in the street stocks? All those questions and more were about to be answered.
                Wissota Super Stocks were first on track and Dave Norris hauling from Wyoming, started on pole with Chad Bykonen to his outside.  The 30 of Bykonen took the lead with a little bump to Norris, and tried to run away from the pack but Carmi Wells gave him a run for his money.  Wells got a run on the high side, but was defended.  Jeremy Meirhofer was now battling Wells for second but was questionably sent to the back of the pack for causing a caution.  Kevin Scott has dominated the last two weeks, and was trying for 3 in a row, but had to start from the eighth position.  Within a few short laps Scott was in fourth, and challenging Carmi Wells and Jeremy Meirhofer for the second position, they went three wide multiple times and Scott eventually took the second spot.  Chad Bykonen was running a great race and looked fast, but he had a bound a determined Kevin Scott behind him.  Bykonen knew he had to be perfect to win and Scot knew he had to be better.  Scott challenged low multiple times, but was defended rather easily.  A little further back in the back was Dave Hyde, Hyde made his way to the fourth position and looked pretty fast but the front two cars were in their own zip code.  Jeremy Meirhofer had to go to the back of the pack and battled back to the top five with a handful of laps remaining. Going into the first corner , Scott got a great run on Bykonen and went by, taking the lead.  Bykonen did everything in his power, trying the crossover move, but was just a hair short.  The white flag was in the air, the hat-trick was in sight, and Kevin Scott got his third win in a row in breathtaking fashion.  Chad Bykonen had a great run in the second position,  John Lighthizer snuck into the third apot, Jeremy Meirhofer rebounded to fourth, and Bruce Tocci took fifth.  Carmi Wells and Jeremy Meirhofer won their heat races earlier in the evening.
                Wissota modified drivers were taking the green with the identical front row as last week. Billings driver Dale Neitzel started on pole, with last week’s winner, Jody Kropp, to his outside.  Last week Kropp got the best of Neitzel and this week was no different.  The veteran, Jody Kropp, snatched the lead and looked to win two races in a row at Gallatin Speedway.   Last week Kropp used the low line to dominate the field but this week he put his Wicked Chassis on the outside and let her fly.  Joey Price was in second and did everything to catch Kropp but was no match, Kropp clearly had the dominant car of the evening.  Through multiple restarts Kropp retained the lead, and built on it.  Emory Wells was also on the high line, and looked quick but got sideways in front of the field, but nearly no damage was done.  Chad Johnson has had a run of third place finishes in Wissota racing but tonight he looked quick on the low line, maybe fast enough to contend with Kropp.  Johnson challenged low but was defended, so he moved to the high line trying everything to get around Kropp.  The white flag was in the air and Jody Kropp was unstoppable.  Jody Kropp won his second consecutive race at Gallatin Speedway, and Chad Johnson ran second.  Joey Price ran a strong third, Erin Shane rebounded from broken power steering in the heat race to finish fourth, and Jeremy Meirhofer ran fifth.     Dale Neitzel and Emory Wells won their heat races.
                Wissota Street Stocks had Taylor Martin on the pole position with Brian Barnhardt to his outside.  On the restart Marin held off Barnhardt and held the lead for the first lap.  Out if nowhere the sixth place starter, Beau Brown took the lead. It happened so quick, if you blinked you missed it.  Taylor Martin held second but Brian Barnhardt was right on his back bumper.   Beau Brown was checkin’ out at the front of the pack.  For the second consecutive week Nick Hunter had to start at the back of the pack but by halfway he worked his way to second.  Nick Hunter and Beau Brown were set to do battle for the millionth time (or so it seemed).  Nick Hunter was pushing Beau Brown all the way around the track.  The white flag was in the air and K.J. Hunter came from nowhere to challenging Nick Hunter and Beau Brown for the win.  To the checkered flag, Beau Brown won for the second week in a row at Gallatin Speedway.  Although lapped traffic interfered, K.J. Hunter too second, Nick Hunter third, Paul Lease fourth and Donovan Sorenson rounded out the top five.  K.J. Hunter and Taylor Martin won their heat races.
                Tonight was an interesting night, every driver who won this week also won last Friday night.  Kevin Scott has been dominating the Wissota Super Stocks and now has three wins in a row.  Clearly this season at Gallatin Speedway is going to be one for the record books.  Surprisingly through all this domination, the track points battles are extremely close.  Next week has Wissota Street Stocks, Super Stocks and Modified racing action.  Beau Brown and Jody Kropp are going for three in a row next week, and its going to be a dog fight.  Check out if you have any questions, thank you for reading!
Dru Brown


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